Busy Summer Per Usual ?>

Busy Summer Per Usual

Well it’s been one crazy busy summer for all of us over here. With the three kids and all of their activities we have been running wild over here in our house. Unfortunately, we haven’t done really too much to our house these past couple months. We just had way too many things to do with the kids and with family and it being summer and having all of these activities to do. With everything going on, the only thing that I was able to do was pick up some random knickknacks here and there. There is one extra special project that we have been working on and it’s the centerpiece on our wall in our living room. What I would like and I’m very fortunate to have my husband agree with me is to get a Volkswagen beetle hood from the 60s or 70s to hang on our wall. Now if you all can remember the engine of the beetle is in the back and the trunk is in the front so what we’re looking for is the smaller hood that covers the engine that goes in the back of the car. The walls of our living room are orange and we plan on painting the hood turquoise that way it complements are orange walls very well.  A lot of our other knickknacks in the living room are turquoise so it’s gonna fit well there on the wall. We also plan on putting a license plate on it. We want to get one that is from the year that we were born but we’re having a hard time deciding on whether we want one that has the year printed on it because for a while they used to put the year of the license plate on the license plate but they stop doing that after a while and unfortunately they weren’t doing it the years that we were born. We are also going to get the nameplate that spells out Volkswagen which was the older version because the newer version just has the V and the W in the circle so we want the old one that spells the actual word out. My brother works in a collision shop and he’s gonna have the painter there paint the hood for us. We’re gonna try to make it as authentic as we possible. We have gone to a couple salvage yards but unfortunately none of them have had any Volkswagen hoods but we’ve been too busy to make an actual day of it. Once the kids go back to school we will be able to put a lot more effort into it. I’m so very excited about this. Once it’s complete I’ll take a picture of it and post it on my next blog thanks all.…

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Almost There

Sorry I haven’t been around in a while but with the end of school, summer activities and getting this house perfect, I have been extremely busy and tired. With the three kids and all of the stuff they are involved with and with all the stuff that we have done and still need to do with the house, I can’t believe that I am still up and walking around. I knew that this house was going to be a project, I am just thankful that I have such a wonderful husband that is enjoying the renovations as much as I am. I just wish I could say that the kids are as helpful as he is. Actually, it’s not that they are being destructive, it’s just that they couldn’t care less about the house. They love it but just really don’t care what it looks like, I truly believe that they would live in filth if they didn’t have us to look out for them.

We are pretty much done, we have it painted, the wood floors are in, the fencing and the yard is complete, we have our carpet in, new shutters and blinds, all the plumbing is finished. You would think with that list we would be completely done now, but no we still have to re do the kitchen, it needs an upgrade like nothing else. All of the appliances I believe were made in the seventies, possibly maybe the eighties. I am not a big fan of stainless steel, it is just to high maintenance for my tastes, I prefer to have my appliances work for me and not the other way around. I love black appliances but then they create darker atmosphere than how I want my kitchen to look, so I think we are going with white, that will help brighten things up. There are other things around the house that still need work but kitchen is one of the last big things we need to take care of.

Right now our kitchen is in totally disarray, we are eating on paper plates, plastic ware and solo cups. Washing dishes is the biggest pain in the butt right now, there is dust everywhere but it will be totally worth it all once it’s done. I cannot wait for that day. I am very thankful for my husband, we have both been very good sports with all of this, we have kept our little disputes to a minimum and we have successfully kept them all away from the kids. That is the most important, this way the kids are more willing to help out, or so I thought.

Thanks all for sticking around, more to come!


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So now that it is spring time, I have been thinking a lot about our porches and gardens. The lawn, surprisingly, was well maintained from the previous owners so all we really need to do with it, is just fertilize and water it. However, the front and back porch need some work. We want to enclose the back porch, right now it is just a typical back porch but we want to put a roof on it and screen it in so we can hang out there at night and not worry about bugs or if there is a thunderstorm we can sit out there and enjoy it without getting wet. The front porch has a roof and railings, we want to keep it that way but some of the support beams and rails need to be reinforced, it looks like an old porch that just needs some TLC.

back porch

So, our back porch is made of light wood but I want to stain it a darker color and put a roof on it with screens. Right now it is just all open and with the sun beating down during the day, it is impossible to hang out there. We have been looking around at local contractors and builders and I think we have found the perfect company, like always, we go for the mom and pop shops and never to a chain store. We plan to put in a door as well where the stairs are, obviously we will need to have a way to get off the porch into the back yard. The main reason I want a screened in porch is so that at night when there is a thunderstorm, we all can be out there and watch it. Thunderstorms are completely amazing to me and I love watching them. As a bonus, it will shield us from the sun during the day and provide cooler temps, our kids lover playing outside and hate having to come to relax so its a win/win situation, they can just hang out on the porch instead of having to come completely inside, it’s like they are still outside but not roasting in the sun. Win/win.

I love our front porch, it’s simple but it just needs to work. Fortunately the company that we are using for the back porch will also take care of the front porch, which is awesome, usually you don’t have the same company doing new builds along with fixing existing structures. The front porch is white and I plan on keeping it white, it has a roof already and support rails that go all around it and then the steps to go down the front walk. It is not as big as the back porch but that’s alight, we don’t really plan on hanging out on it for long periods of time. It will mostly be a place where we greet our guests and say good bye to them. I do plan on putting in hooks so I can have some hanging baskets to give it some color. The only furniture that will fit would just be a small two person table with two chairs, anything bigger and there will not be enough room to maneuver around. We have a table and chair mosaic tile set that we had in the basement of the old house that will be perfect for the front porch.

front porch

Porches are a good place to hang with your friends or family and I always try to make mine as homey and comfortable as possible. They can be a real relaxing place to be, so I try to make a place where everyone wants to be.

Thanks everyone!



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I have no idea why I love a quality faucet so much but I always find myself in the faucet aisle whenever my husband and I go to the local home improvement store. My favorites are the matte finish ones, I do not like the shiny ones at all, I love that dull finish. My husband and I have the same tastes when it comes to faucets, this is a good thing because now we can just pick our favorite styles and pick which room to put them in. We are going to need nine different faucets and sinks for the bathrooms and kitchen but will also need two additional faucets for the showers. We have two full bathrooms upstairs both have double sinks. A half bath, the laundry room and kitchen on the main level and in the basement there is a mini kitchen and another half bathroom.

I have been pouring over magazines and have been glued to the internet to search for the perfect faucets. In both kitchens I prefer to have ones that have the high arc faucet with a spray nozzle attachment. You gotta have that spray attachment in the kitchens, it cleans the sink out so well. I want to also put a spray attachment in the laundry room sink because for some reason that sink always gets dirty, the kids usually use that room to clean and spray the dirt off of them when they come inside from playing. In our old house we had a leaky faucet that drove me crazy so for this house we are gonna make sure every one is top quality.  For the upstairs bathrooms, the faucets will be pretty basic nothing fancy as with the bathroom in the basement but in the half bath on the main floor that our guest will use, I plan to put a vessel faucet. Which is a old fashioned looking pump faucet, like how you would use for a well. I think these faucets are so awesome. This bathroom will be a little more fancy than all the rest but not so much so that people won’t feel comfortable using it. I have been in bathrooms at people homes before that I feel bad for using the towels that have because it looks so fancy that I didn’t want to mess anything up. I will not to that to my guests.

For the two showers, I also plan on having the matte finish faucets and shower heads. I don’t plan to put anything fancy in the showers either, however, I will make sure that both showers get the hand held nozzle that you can take off and hang on to, these nozzles make it so much easier to clean the shower. I am not going to use any type of door, glass or otherwise just the simple tub and shower unit that are in most houses. The glass doors are almost impossible to keep clean, the hard water stains on them are so easy to get but hard to get rid of. Another obsession of mine is shower curtains, I love changing up the shower curtains and all the accessories that match them. If my husband didn’t keep me in check I would probably change them every month but he does so I change them three times a year about every four months are so. It’s not that I start to hate them, it’s just that I love switching them all around. I will reuse certain ones if there are a favorite of mine but I will usually donate the ones that I do not reuse. And yes, many places will accept shower curtains and accessories as donations, especially if you have the whole matching set. As for the sinks, I am leaving that up to my husband, I doesn’t matter to me what the sinks look like and my husband loves sinks so I let my husband decide that part.

We have also been looking at our pipes to make sure they are all in good condition. For the most part they are but we do have a couple pipes that might need the attention of a professional. For how big of a house we got, only having a couple that are in not so good shape is good. When we have the plumper come out I am going to have it check out all the pipes to make sure but I think we are good with our pipes and the water heater is pretty new, just a couple years old, so that will not need to be replaced. My husband though, eventually though, wants to get a tankless water heater. I’m up for that but only when we need to replace the one we have, which shouldn’t be any time soon. Just as a side note though, I’m pretty sure our furnace will need to be replaced in the near future. It looks like it’s on it’s last leg.

Well, that it for now I need to get dinner started! Have a good day


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Painting is one of my most favorite things do in a new house, it not everyday you get to transform your life with colors. I prefer to paint all four walls of a room as opposed to just painting one or two accent walls. I love having color all around me, there is enough white already with the trim, doors and ceiling, so why not paint the whole room? This is one of the only areas where my husband lets me do my thing, it really doesn’t care what color walls the house has. He knows that the colors that I will choose with be tasteful and not look awful. So he lets me have at it!

I am letting my kids pick the color of their own rooms and if they all can be happy with the same color for their bathroom then they can pick the color, if not I told them that their dad gets to pick the color and they must live with it. This could go one of two ways, they definitely do not want their dad to pick the color because, for fun, he will pick the most horrendous color imaginable and they will hate it or they will pull together as a team and choose a color. I hope that they can make the choice on their own because my husband has already chosen the color of beige or something that is so plain yet so ugly the kids will hate it. It’s one of the many games we play with them to engage them in acting like a team and not enemies. Sometimes our games don’t work but most of the time they do. My daughter has chosen to paint her room purple, she used to love pink but says now that she is too mature for pink and that purple is a more sophisticated color. Sure. My oldest son has chosen to paint he room navy blue because he is very serious and thinks that navy blue is a very grown up color. My children, my goodness. My youngest son has chosen to paint his room a dark green color, he would have chosen navy blue as well if the risk of his brother beating him up wasn’t on the table for picking the same color, so he decided to choose green but dark like the navy. In his head it’s pretty much the same the color but my older son is OK with it because it’s not blue. Who can figure out the minds of children.

As for the rest of the house, our bedroom is going to be a olive green and our bathroom will be a pale blue color. I always use different colors in everyone room even though our bathroom is in our bedroom, it’s still the bathroom and deserves it’s own color. Blue and green are my two favorite colors so I wanted them in our rooms, the olive green goes well with our bedspread and other knickknacks that we have and the blue is perfect for a bathroom. The hallway upstairs will be a light gray color. No need to waste a good color in a hallway. For the downstairs, the front foyer area will be a coral color, which I think is a happy color to walk into, then there is another short hallway that leads to all the rooms which will be gray again. Then the first room you come to is the what I call the den/study/office/quiet room, it is a room for all purposes, will be brown. Not to discourage the kids to go in but to make certain that it’s a serious room or so says my husband. Then we come to the family room which will be orange, what I call a bright light orange, the color of the sample is mango, so it’s a light color but nice and bright and happy because the family room is a happy place.

Next we have the eating area and kitchen which is going to be yellow, we have the sliding door and multiple windows in the kitchen which lets in so much sunlight that the pale yellow color will be perfect. Then on the other side of the kitchen is the dining room which will be ivory. I know, ivory is similar to white but in the dining room I feel that there shouldn’t be some crazy color in there but I still didn’t want just plain white, so it’s ivory. Last but not least is the basement/kids play area which is going to be gray again. To be honest I do not plan on painting the house by self self. We are going to take a weekend with the kids and we plan on all painting their rooms together but we plan on hiring a local painter to paint the rest of the house. It will be so less stressful that why but we still get some good quality time with the kids and they feel like that have helped build the house that we have.

OK, it’s getting late now, need to go to bed, until next time…


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Wood Flooring

So over the past weekend, the husband and I have been discussing our floors. We are in an agreement that we want wood flooring throughout out house, except in the bedrooms, which we want those to have carpet but that will be another blog topic! The bathrooms will have tile floor, again another blog. So the wood will be in the upstairs hallway, the stairs coming down from the upstairs and all the rooms downstairs. The basement and the stairs leading down to the basement will be carpet. So that’s the kitchen and eating area, dining room, family room, den, front foyer and the hallways. Phew, that’s a lot of ground to cover. I’m not discouraged, this is what I’m made of, bring it on!

We both, my husband and I, want to have a light colored wood. We have many windows in the house and we are going to paint in light colors. This will help make the rooms seem larger and most definitely brighter. The only issue we are having is deciding on what style of wood we want to use. We both like different styles but we both want the same wood throughout the entire house. So it was a lot of back and forth this past weekend. We have gotten some samples delivered to our house and we have also picked up some from the local stores. We have them laid out the different samples around the house so we can see what they will look like in the different rooms. We change them up every couple days so we can see the different styles in different places. I have found that this is extremely helpful especially if you cannot decide on what you like.

We may like one style in the kitchen but hate it in the upstairs hallway or we like it in the den but not in the dining room and so on. We plan to see all the different styles in all the rooms so we can get a feel for each. This is a long process as it should be, I don’t feel like any home improvements should be a quick decision. The reason being is that this is where we plan to live for a very long time and we want it just right. I know down the line there is always a possibility to change things around but I feel if you just take the time to make a good well thought out decision that maybe that moment down the road will not come when you want to change your house around because you made it perfect the first time.

In our heads we have it narrowed down to a about three samples, this is when it gets a littler tougher to decide. My first choice is a type of wood that looks nautical. It has the dark circle spots in it around the edges that look like nails. My husband first choice has an old fashioned look to it. It looks like it is very worn and beaten looking but obviously its not. Both our second choices are the same, which is a more modern looking style. If worse comes to worse which I will not let happen with all my might, we will probably go with our second choice. However, we are both hoping that the other one gives in and excepts our first choice. Hopefully with in a week or two will have made our final decision. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated!

Penny wood floors

ps, our fence is done and it looks fabulous! Our little fur babies are having the time of their lives running around the backyard!


To Begin ?>

To Begin

brussels I do not have much time here, the kids will be home from school soon but I just wanted to let you know that we have first started to look for fencing. Since we have three dogs and as rumbustious as they are they need to have a limited space on where they can go.We have called many different places and have finally found the perfect company, they are a local family owned place, we prefer to use these type of companies because you always get better service. You know that the people who work and own small time companies are actually doing what they want to do. It’s just now a job to them like you find at the bigger well known companies. They actually give a great deal about their product and strive to do a good job.


The fence isn’t up yet but we got our quote and picked out the material. Its going to be a white privacy fence, we don’t have too many close neighbors but we still wanted to the tall fence. They gave us a really great price, not the cheapest but far from the highest quote. Plus this company guarentees their work for life. Can’t go wrong. Now our little buddies will be able to run around until they drop in their own big yard. Our last home had a small backyard and with three dogs they were tripping over each other. Not any more. We know that they will love it. Plus, we all will be able to enjoy ourselves in the backyard, its big enough for the dogs, the kids swing set, my husbands shed and my garden. Gotta go, kids are almost home.